What is Market People?

It’s a site dedicated to the market people of London. Each week we tell the story of stall holders via a photo and interview, which will give a flavour of their life and the objects that pass through their hands.


Who are you?

Julian Burgin is a photographer, Paul Trynka is a writer – our biogs and links are on the about page.


Why are you doing this?

Because we like markets and market people. They are a vital part of the texture and ambience of London. In Greenwich, where we live, and elsewhere, they’re under threat. As time goes on, we hope to cover some of the issues that threaten our markets, too.


Which markets will you cover?

Over time, we plan to cover most or all of the traditional London markets.


How do you select the stallholders?

In general, we choose stalls we like, or people we like. If you think there’s an interesting market, or an interesting stallholder you think we should feature, feel free to email us.


You’ve photographed me already, when will my piece run?

We’re stocking up on photos first and are  running people from a variety of markets each week, which might delay your appearance. Feel free to email or call for updates. If you’re been photographed but not interviewed, again, Paul will contact you but it might be several weeks.


Who is the target audience?

People who are interested in markets! Namely, people who work in them and people who visit them. As the number of people we’ve featured builds up, you’ll be able to search via market, and via what they sell. This will help both locals and visitors to London to discover new stalls and markets.


How can I contact you?

Click  here to email us.